VOO highlights 2023

Remarkable Journey of VOO and the Aviation Industry in 2023

Reflecting on the extraordinary successes and accomplishments of our team in the previous year of 2023 and the remarkable journey of VOO and the business aviation industry, we are happy to share some interesting insights. Each member of the VOOcrew is truly grateful to be part of a team built of multi-talented professionals. More than anything, what unites and motivates us is our shared passion for aviation, driving progress from concept to reality, building partnerships and our vision to become the global standard platform that generates charter sales and facilitates business aviation operations.

What a journey we’ve all been on in such a short period of time! Our industry has undergone incredible changes over the past few years, and VOO is moving at the forefront of those changes: from an idea to the revolutionary private jet marketplace of the future. What started as a simple idea has evolved through collaborative efforts and a shared belief in this vision into a game-changing software for industry professionals. If 2022 was the year we officially launched our platform and explored market demands to develop partnerships, 2023 was the year we courageously embraced the winds of our development and advancements.

Partnerships of all types – with aircraft operators, sales agents, charter brokers, tech brokers, flight management systems and other business aviation software providers as well as journalists and commercial content publishers – are the inspiration and driving force behind our progress. And despite a challenging year globally, we remain focused on investing in the development of our entire industry. Together with our partners, we’re not just taking off on a journey; we’re generating wind and moving ourselves closer to a brighter and even more ambitious 2024.

Today, VOO is a fully operational digital B2B marketplace where charter brokers and aircraft operators can search, book and pay for all their private jet charters on one platform that is built on ultra-efficient software that automatically calculates quotes and secures bookings. In the exciting world of business aviation, VOO has already established itself not only as an innovator in private jet booking, but also as a company that will revolutionize the way business aviation operates.

Being at the forefront of business aviation innovation, VOO is expanding its customer network daily and now we have more than 300 brokers, operators and sales agents registered on the platform, several dozen aircraft are already published and ready for bookings.

With a confident and clear vision, we are focused on obtaining new customers and partners and enabling brokers operators and sales agents to take their operations to the next level, all in all supporting the development of the entire industry and making business aviation more efficient, transparent and accessible to end customers through brokers and tech brokers.

As 2023 comes to an end, it’s time to share some of the amazing progress we have made this year.

Industry dynamics and trends

After rapid industry expansion in 2021 and 2022, business jet market growth has slowed. In the third quarter, despite this year’s resilience macroeconomic headwinds continued. Nevertheless, flight volume remains above pre-COVID-19 levels as many new users and customers who entered the market during the COVID-19 era continued to utilize business aircraft.

In 2023 we welcomed lots of new clients, including big-name operators and brokers. Our commitment to innovation was also the spearhead of our strategic investments. We were proud to announce VOO’s nomination in the Technology Innovation of the Year category at The Aviator Middle East Awards 2023 – our very first international recognition of such kind that marked our rewarding assessment of our groundbreaking work in the development of business aviation.

A year of integrations and product features

We also remained at the forefront of technology through state-of-the-art product updates and integrations, which is key to driving our growth and efficiency for our customers. We integrated with FL3XX, Leon Software, and Skylegs and thanks to schedule synchronization with VOO this allows users to search, book, and pay for all of their charters using accurate, real-time information.

We have also released several new product features: from dynamic aircraft pricing, weekend and night surcharges to restricted over-flights; from company-wide notifications for operator and for broker to improved flight folder status overview; from luxury tax to SMS notification, and more.

Stay tuned as we continue to introduce exciting new features!

Industry recognition

It has been rewarding to see our commitment to innovation recognized. This year we attended such major aviation shows and events as CJI London, Air OPS, ACA Spring Lunch, EBACE23, ACE23, MACE23, Dubai Air Show, ACA Excellence Awards and finally – The Aviator Middle East Awards.

For VOO, these shows and events highlighted the strong level of recognition and visibility of our brand, as well as the interest in getting to know VOO better and experiencing its game-changing software. We were thrilled to see the high level of interest from brokers and operators to jointly grow and achieve common goals in promoting digitalization, agility and operational reliability, transparency and long-awaited innovation in the market. As VOO gains more and more recognition in the market and is no longer new to the game, the flow of new customer registrations and published aircraft is gradually becoming a steady trend.

Visionary and forward-thinking leadership

From brokers to operators and sales agents, from pilots to chefs, from dispatchers to educators, from journalists to software developers, from marketers to sales professionals, and more, VOO has a broad range of specialists and professionals. We not only challenge the textbook status quo; VOO is also developing a multitude of ideas and solutions that will continue to shape the future of aviation.

Such diverse teams are where innovation grows, solutions evolve, and success becomes more than just an opportunity – it becomes inevitable, driven by the environment created for exponential growth and learning.

  • Overall focus on customer experience and personalized approach

The unique perspective of business aviation professionals combined with sales and marketing expertise creates a comprehensive customer orientation that allows for a detailed understanding and fulfillment of industry needs. A clear understanding of requirements and putting the customer at the center of attention (user-centricity) deliver intuitive and efficient solutions that meet specific industry requirements.

  • Operational excellence, regulation and compliance

Close collaboration within the team allows for optimized operational processes while executive and financial experts facilitate effective management of business units. Our shared interest in meeting aviation and industry regulations ensures the smooth running of VOO.

  • Teamwork, creative solutions and effective communication

Teamwork is central to the success of VOO. Collaboration among all team members ensures the communication of the corporate message is clear and compelling. At the same time a mix of different characters contributes to creative solutions and innovative ideas.

This year, we have also been honored by the favorable response to our contribution to partnerships and commitment to innovation from the aviation community. We believe in partnership and knowledge sharing in our industry and are excited to continue making this happen together with all of you.

Summarizing 2023 and looking to the future

VOO’s journey shows that integrating different specialists not only creates a dynamic work environment, but also leads to strategic versatility. An initial idea sketched out on paper turned into a game-changing market solution that redefines the industry through joint efforts and confidence in the business concept. With many more ideas and solutions in store, VOO is at the forefront of aviation innovation and setting the standard for the future of mobility and the way business aviation operates.

As we celebrate this year’s achievements and look forward to new innovations in 2024, we are ready to welcome new challenges and we are not just taking off; we are rocketing towards the future. Our strategic investment and commitment to providing business aviation with the best and most advanced solution will assist us all together – aircraft operators, sales agents and charter brokers, and all the businesses we partner with – to achieve success, efficiency, effortless and seamless operations, and increased revenues.

Thank you for being part of this extraordinary journey. We wish you a healthy, joyful and prosperous 2024 as we continue to develop partnerships and set global standards in our ever-growing industry.

Our warmest wishes to you all for the New Year 2024!