Robert Plhak at the GANE 24 conference

VOO: Transforming Business Jet Bookings with Technology and Connectivity at GANE 24

VOO had a successful and productive experience at the recent GANE (Gulf Aviation Networking Event) 2024 in Dubai. This prestigious event brought together leading figures from across the aviation sector, providing an invaluable platform for collaboration, learning and innovation.

GANE 24 offered a platform to showcase VOO innovative marketplace and our technology, and our participation at the conference was multifaceted. During the event, we actively engaged with industry leaders, forging valuable connections that will undoubtedly contribute to VOO’s future growth.

Through showcasing our VOO marketplace and our technology to key decision-makers, we were able to demonstrate VOO’s technological excellence and unique value proposition as VOO moves forward towards bridging the gap between brokers and operators by streamlining the charter booking process through digitalization, connectivity and automation.

By participating in the “The Future of Aviation Technology” panel, CEO of VOO Robert Plhak had the privilege of sharing our insights on how technology can be leveraged to enhance efficiency and performance within the whole industry. Here are a few words for more insight:

Current VOO solution:

Traditionally, booking a business jet involved manual processes like sending requests through various B2B platforms, receiving quotes via email and exchanging contracts manually. This time-consuming and inefficient approach motivated me to develop VOO.

  • VOO acts as a digital bridge connecting brokers and operators, offering a user-friendly platform for seamless booking transactions.
  • VOO operates similar to the familiar ease of today’s online marketplaces: Imagine browsing a vast online store, comparing options, and purchasing directly from the comfort of your home. That’s the familiar experience that VOO provides with its seamless booking and payment possibilities. Directly on the platform, VOO users can research aircraft, immediately see charter price calculations and complete payments right away. Moreover, a referral program is also available on VOO.

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Future VOO vision:

  • VOO plans to integrate blockchain technology to further enhance data security and transparency during the booking process, also providing alternative payment options.
  • Also, VOO envisions a future where the platform supports charter flight organization and expands beyond business jet bookings.
  • Our goal is to apply our technology to other sectors like cargo aircraft and freighter, air ambulance and medical evacuation as well as commercial aircraft und commercial aviation, further simplifying and automating complex booking processes.
  • Altogether, VOO is committed to revolutionizing the business aviation industry by making booking experiences as well as charter flight organization efficient, secure, and accessible.

Our VOO team is passionate about transforming the business jet booking experience by embracing digitalization, connectivity and automation. We believe that our platform will not only enhance efficiency but also unlock new possibilities across various industries. This dedication extends beyond aviation, with potential applications in various sectors requiring improved booking and data management.

We are grateful for the opportunity to have participated in GANE 2024 and look forward to continuing to contribute to the advancement and innovation of the aviation sector.