The ACE broker & operator forum 2024

VOO Showcases Innovation at The ACA Broker & Operator Forum

VOO Showcases Innovation and Gathers Industry Feedback at The ACA Forum

VOO sponsored the ACA Broker & Operator Forum, organized by the Air Charter Association and took place on March 7 in London allowing the participants to discuss the use of technology, its possibilities. At the event, CEO of VOO Robert Plhak has presented the current development status and future vision of VOO to the industry professionals. 

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The ACE broker & operator forum 2024
CEO of VOO Robert Plhak at ACA Broker & Operator Forum

VOO participated in an important panel discussion at The Air Charter Association broker & operator forum held at the Royal Aeronautical Society in London. The session explored “Technology & Efficiency in Charter Processes,” providing valuable insights on current technology use within the industry.

At the panel discussion, VOO also presented its platform as a solution for streamlining daily operations for charter brokers and aircraft operators. Discussions revealed both the potential of technology and the need to address user concerns regarding adoption and integration of new software solutions. VOO remains dedicated to fostering a more efficient and tech-driven future for the business aviation charter market.

Additional information and the event summary can be found here and the official event pictures from The Air Charter Association Forum – here.