VOO team at AIR OPS 24.

VOO at AIR OPS 24: Transforming BizAv with Disruptive Technology

AIROPS24 highlights the industry’ focus on innovation, sustainability and collaboration. We gained insights into navigating complex regulations, embracing new technologies and optimizing operations for a greener future. The event fostered valuable connections between key players, paving the way for continued industry growth and advancement, with VOO being a prime example of this innovative spirit.

What we all learnt at AIR OPS this year:

•    Industry is adapting to change
Established companies face challenges in staying nimble and adapting to new technologies compared to startups.
•    Customer-centric innovation
Utilizing customer feedback plays a crucial role in driving innovation and ensuring solutions effectively address industry needs.

•    Data sharing and connectivity
Improved data sharing and connectivity between various players within the business aviation ecosystem is essential for seamless operations and efficient decision-making.

•    Booking barriers remain
Difficulty of booking charter flights remains. Despite advancements, booking business aviation flights remains a persistent issue, highlighting the need for further optimization and user-friendly solutions.

•    Tech takes flight
New technologies are emerging in the business aviation industry to help operators streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and meet compliance requirements. These technologies include flight scheduling software, trip support tools, emissions management platforms, and more.

•    Beyond spreadsheets
Despite the emergence of new technologies, some operators are still using Excel spreadsheets to manage their operations. This can be inefficient and difficult to scale as an operation grows.

•   Integration – the future of operations
A growing trend of software integration simplifies data management for operators, consolidating functionalities from various systems into a unified platform.

•    Sustainability takes center stage
There is a growing need for operators to find ways to reduce their environmental impact. This is being driven by factors such as increasing regulation and customer demand. Some of the companies mentioned in the conversation are working on developing solutions to help operators offset their emissions.

VOO is bridging the gap

Business aviation, particularly the charter market, faces challenges due to limited digitalization and automation. VOO addresses the lack of digitalization and automation in the business aviation charter market by providing a booking platform and data solution, streamlining communication and information flow between brokers and operators.

Moving Forward with Innovation in Business Aviation Booking

VOO, a B2B platform, aims to bridge this gap by providing a single solution for booking, managing, and paying for charter flights. Launched in 2022, VOO has already established integrations with several flight management systems such as FL3XX, Leon Software and Skylegs, and is actively expanding connections with other industry platforms, such as CRMs and tech brokers.

VOO’s future vision focuses on achieving a one-step booking process: similar to booking airline tickets.

Currently, VOO operates on a two-step booking process. The platform facilitates initial booking requests from brokers, which are then confirmed by operators. However, VOO is in the final stages of implementing a one-step booking process, significantly simplifying the experience for both brokers and operators.

  • First success story: VOO is working with a broker and operator who plan to do 100% of their business together on the platform, which will be used as a public testimonial.
  • Subscription model: Currently free, VOO plans to switch to a subscription fee for both brokers and operators, with a per-tail fee for operators only when a booking occurs.
  • Reaching critical mass: VOO aims to have a significant number of tails booked regularly by EBACE 2024 and is actively seeking to onboard more operators before the summer season, when they are typically less available.

Competitive edge

Unlike other platforms, VOO’s unique advantage lies in its ability to move beyond simple connections between brokers and operators. The platform incorporates intelligent functionalities that address the specific needs of charter sales managers and operators, such as:

  • Strategic fleet utilization: catering to charter sales managers’ needs.
  • Logistics and optimization: considering factors like empty legs.

Data-driven approach

Beyond basic booking, VOO is actively developing features that leverage data and AI. These features will empower brokers by providing:

  • Smart information: Enhanced data analysis to assist in customer consultations.
  • Alternative airport recommendations: Offering options for different pricing and logistical needs.
  • Emission offsetting options: Enabling environmentally conscious decisions.
  • Alternative departure and arrival times: Offering options for different pricing and scheduling needs.

VOO is open for collaboration

Currently, VOO is free of charge for both brokers and operators, aiming to increase market adoption and collaboration within the industry. This aligns with VOO’s commitment to revolutionize business aviation booking process through continuous innovation and data-driven solutions.