CJI London 2024

Corporate Jet Investor London – VOO’s expert insights

The Corporate Jet Investor event in London buzzed with energy, reflecting a resurgent business aviation sector even as the market cooled down slightly from its initial pandemic rebound. While some may see this as a dip, at VOO, we see it as an evolution fueled by new customer segments embracing private travel more selectively.

Although the target audience at the Corporate Jet Investor event primarily focused on aircraft transactions, VOO recognized the crucial value in attending. As we strive to become a key player in the business aviation ecosystem, staying abreast of industry trends, networking with diverse stakeholders and gleaning valuable insights are essential for our continued growth and innovation.

CEO of VOO at the Corporate Jet Investor 2024 in London

BizAv growth still on the runway

There’s no denying the industry’s impressive rebound, exceeding pre-pandemic expectations. However, a “cooling down” was a prevalent theme, hinting at a shift in clientele. New players are entering the market, flying less frequently, leading to a slight downward trend. Yet, this shouldn’t be misconstrued as a decline – it’s simply an adjustment to changing dynamics. This shift presents exciting opportunities for VOO to tailor solutions while maintaining the industry’s core values.

Beyond luxury

Business aviation is a lifeline, not just a luxury. Remote destinations, entire islands and communities, often entire economies rely on this connectivity and depend on the influx of private jets. Understanding this intricate ecosystem is crucial to ensure responsible and sustainable growth within the industry.

The event highlighted the critical link between private aviation and travel & tourism, particularly for remote destinations reliant on luxury tourism. This interdependence underscores the broader impact of the industry’s health.

AI steps into the industry steadily

AI’s ascent in the industry is undeniable, however this is just the beginning of a transformative journey for the sector, and the AI-powered efficiency and personalization of private aviation is limitless. At VOO, we understand the need for more data, and we’re committed to collecting and utilizing it to stay ahead of the curve and innovating to fulfill customer needs.

But the true highlight?

VOO engaged in important discussions with key decision-makers, gleaned valuable industry knowledge from industry leaders, and participated in thought-provoking debates, staying abreast of the latest news and updates. Also networking with existing and potential customers and forging new partnerships with other technology companies, both current and future collaborators, were highlights that cemented the event’s significance. These essential exchanges, which take place at professional industry gatherings like the Corporate Jet Investor event in London fuel our understanding of the ever-evolving landscape and guide our path forward.

At VOO, we remain committed to understanding the diverse needs of this industry and fostering meaningful partnerships – all while ensuring a sustainable future for private aviation and the communities it connects.

Looking ahead, we’re energized by the industry’s resilience and the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned as VOO continues to innovate, connect, and empower the future of business aviation!