VOO - REDiFly integration

Book Business Charter Flights Effortlessly: VOO Announces Integration with REDiFly

VOO, the next-generation B2B marketplace for aircraft operators and charter brokers enabling business jet bookings, announces a strategic integration with REDiFly, a prominent aviation management platform for aircraft operators.

This integration simplifies and streamlines the charter sales process by seamlessly connecting flight scheduling functionalities between both platforms. It facilitates smoother operations for aircraft operators while empowering brokers with real-time availability and enhanced convenience for their clients.

VOO users will now benefit from real-time access to accurate aircraft availability and location information directly synchronized from the REDiFly platform. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and ensures that the calculated prices are based on the most up-to-date information. Additionally, the VOO–REDiFly integration automates the entire process, freeing operators from managing bookings across two separate systems.

Once a flight is confirmed in VOO, operators simply need to click a button to send the booking details to REDiFly, where they can manage crews, passengers, checklists, and all other pre-flight logistics. Flight details are then readily available on any device via REDiFly’s mobile app, further enhancing operational efficiency.

VOO’s integration with REDiFly empowers brokers to generate immediate and accurate automatically calculated charter prices based on real-time aircraft availability. Additionally, VOOpay allows for secure and convenient 24/7 payments, maximizing transaction speed, high security of data transfer and convenience for brokers and their clients.

“The integration of VOO with REDiFly is the start of a long-term partnership with the future of digital aviation in mind. We prepared the integration so that operators can conveniently access trip schedules and quotes through modern digital communications. It is amazing to work with Robert and his team to share our vision. VOO and REDiFly both aim to make operations more efficient by introducing real-time communications between the operators and tis clients. Operators are looking for more efficient processes while clients are looking for convenience and transparency. We’ve been able to make this achievable for some of our clients by integrating with VOO.” – Michael Anklin, Founder of the REDiFly Flight Ops software.

“We are thrilled to announce this strategic partnership with REDiFly, which represents a significant step forward in the services we offer. The VOO–REDiFly integration underscores both companies’ commitment to creating a more efficient and transparent business jet charter experience for both operators and brokers. By connecting our platforms with one another, we’re providing our customers with a more comprehensive booking experience. This includes real-time access to accurate aircraft availability and location information flights and potentially to a wider selection of other business charter booking services in the future.” – Robert Plhak, CEO VOO flights. 

About REDiFly

REDiFly is an aviation management platform for aircraft operators, who manage commercial, private and specialized flights. Their software touches all aspects of flight operations including dispatch, fuel management, training co-ordination and more. The online platform and apps make your company’s workflow more efficient and increase productivity of the entire team.

About VOO

VOO is the next-generation B2B marketplace for aircraft operators and charter brokers enabling business jet bookings. The platform utilizes advanced automation to simplify the entire charter booking lifecycle, from accurate charter price calculations based on real-time aircraft availability to seamless booking and payment processing. VOO empowers industry professionals to close deals fast and efficiently, fostering a dynamic network within the business aviation landscape.

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