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What does restricted overflights mean?

Restricted Overflights allows operators to define countries to be excluded from the automatic calculation of flight routes. This means that these countries will not be considered for overflight, as well as for takeoffs, landings, and refueling stops.


Why is this important?

This feature is particularly useful for flights that need to avoid certain countries due to restrictions, political reasons, or other considerations. By having the ability to selectively exclude these countries, operators can save time and resources and ensure that their flight routes meet specific requirements. Additionally, this feature enhances the accuracy of price calculation by providing the option to consider relevant factors in route calculation.


How does it work?

Using Restricted Overflights is simple and user-friendly. Operators can easily select the countries they want to exclude from overflight. The automatic flight route calculation then takes these restrictions into account and optimizes the route accordingly.




  • Efficient flight route planning

By excluding certain countries, operators can ensure that their flight routes are efficiently and accurately planned.

  • Flexibility and adaptability

Operators have the flexibility to adjust and optimize flight routes based on individual requirements.

  • Time and resource savings

The ability to selectively exclude countries saves time and resources in flight route calculation and pricing.


We are confident that restricted overflights will be a valuable addition for operators and will contribute to further improving the efficiency and reliability of their flight operations. Try it out today and experience the benefits of this innovative feature!