Calendar to manage all your bookings


With our new schedule, we enable brokers to optimize their workflow with a user-friendly way to manage flight schedules and bookings. See all your flights requested in VOO and get a comprehensive overview of the booking status for each flight in your flight folder. 


Calendar view – designed for simplicity

Keeping track of all flights can be stressful and error prone.  With the new calendar view, brokers can see all scheduled activities for any specific day in a clear and organized schedule. In addition, each entry is color-coded and provides the broker with a comprehensive overview of each booking status in an instant.

Official Release notes 24.05 Product Updates - broker schedule

Effortlessly manage flight details as well. By clicking on an entry, the broker gets to the corresponding flight folder and can make the necessary changes.


Filter functionality and help function

Easily customize the view according to your preferences with our filter options. Brokers can filter by user, contacts (end client) and booking status. To optimize the user experience, we have also included a help button. With it, brokers are provided with a clear explanation of the color-coding scheme and what each color signifies.


In summary

With our new timetable, brokers can optimize their workflow and easily manage flight schedules and bookings by getting a comprehensive overview of each flight’s booking status in the flight folder. The new calendar view, featuring color-coded entries, allows brokers to effortlessly track all scheduled activities, make necessary changes, and customize their view using filtering options and a helpful color-coding guide.