Let VOO guide you to an effective Aircraft Setup!


The Aircraft Setup has never been easier. With our new checklist, we accompany operators through the creation of a new aircraft listing. Track your progress easily and identify outstanding tasks to ensure, that nothing is overlooked and your aircraft is attractive.


In Short:

    • Upon creating a new Aircraft Listing, operators have access to a checklist outlining all relevant setup tasks.
    • The checklist includes essential points, which are necessary for the aircraft to be listed on the VOO Marketplace.
    • Operators can mark each item as completed individually, allowing them to track progress and ensure all necessary tasks are addressed.


How you benefit:


Enhanced Setup Process:

The checklist streamlines your setup process by providing a structured guide for configuring aircraft listings.


Improved Organization:

Users can easily track their progress and identify outstanding tasks, ensuring nothing is overlooked in the setup process.


Optimized Marketplace Listings:

By completing all checklist items, users can ensure their aircraft listings are comprehensive and attractive to potential clients on the VOO Marketplace.



We are confident that the Aircraft Setup Checklist will be a valuable addition for operators to ensure their aircraft is attractive for brokers. Try it out today and experience the benefits of this innovative feature!