Ready to Network, Ready to Innovate: VOO Joins Forces at AIR OPS 24

VOO returns to Brussels and will be exhibiting at AIR OPS 24 and showcasing its automated next-generation B2B marketplace where charter broker and aircraft operator can experience the full power of auto-quotes and real-time private jet charter bookings on just one platform. This premier European event designed for business aviation flight operations professionals will take […]

VOO highlights 2023

Remarkable Journey of VOO and the Aviation Industry in 2023

Reflecting on the remarkable journey of VOO and our industry in 2023, we’re happy to share the extraordinary successes and accomplishments of our team. Each member of the VOOcrew is truly grateful to be part of a team built of multi-talented professionals. More than anything, what unites and motivates us is our shared passion for […]

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VOO’s Expanding Visibility Leads to a Nomination for Tech Innovation of the Year

VOO has been nominated for The Aviator Middle East Awards in the Technology Innovation of the Year category, which recognizes an outstanding technological innovation introduced in the Middle East over the past year that provides a solution unique to the region. The Aviator Middle East Awards 2023 will take place on December 12 at the […]

Aviator magazine article

VOO hits the headlines of The Aviator Middle East 

VOO Flights CEO, Robert Plhak, on the company’s blueprint to revolutionizing business aviation, current market challenges and future developments. In the rapidly evolving landscape of business aviation, one company has emerged as a beacon of innovation, promising to revolutionize the business jet charter landscape. VOO flights, a fully automated B2B marketplace, is redefining the business […]