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MOVE THE SKY with us!

Do you manage an entire fleet or “just” one aircraft? Do you manage all kinds of customer flight requests or do you focus your business on one major client? It doesn´t matter. Being onboard means making a good deal, no matter what, no matter who, thanks to the affordable and fair VOO license fees.

Come and experience effortless private jet booking. It´s never been easier, or faster!

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VOO does not charge commission fees. Read more about our commission fee policy in our GTC.

  • Saving up to 2-3 hours per booking

  • Availability overview and booking like an ordinary airline ticket

  • Accurate auto-calculated charter prices 24/7

  • Digital offer for the end client

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Get a 30-day free trial of VOO and then pay only moderate license fees and receive cashback. Use VOOpay, collect VOOmiles and get crypto-commissions into your VOOwallet for every sale.

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VOOpay is a fast payment system integrated within VOO marketplace, which guarantees security through transparent, traceable and safe financial transactions between the operator and the broker.

Market beating payment speed with VOOpay transfers payments from one account to another without the hassle of bank transfers. Absolutely secure. Made within seconds.



  • VOOpay allows you to make direct transfers even on weekends and bank holidays
  • Operators and brokers automatically participate in the rewards program and receive a cash back in the form of VOOmiles (AVINOC token) for every VOOpay transaction made.

The benefit of VOOpaystep-by-step transactions – is available even on weekends, as long as the broker and the operator have a VOOpay account. Otherwise, regular bank business days apply. 


  1. Create and verify VOOpay account through VOO,
  2. Deposit the account (transfer money to VOOpay account),
  3. Fast payment of the operator for your flight with VOOpay,
  4. Receive VOOmiles in the form of AVINOC tokens for the transactions made.
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VOOmiles is a free reward program implemented within the VOO marketplace, which allows you, as a broker and operator, to receive rewards such as cash back for each flight booked and paid for via VOOpay, and as an operator – to generate extra margins: for every VOOpay transaction you collect VOOmiles and receive AVINOC token as a reward.


The crypto-commissions are not personal or product-related (as is the case with the similar programs like Miles & More), and therefore they can be used as freely available resources on the market. 

So, you are free to use your rewards as you wish, namely you can:

  • keep them in your wallet as an investment
  • trade them on various cryptocurrency exchanges
  • transfer them to another wallet and give them as a gift to someone
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Robert plhak

CEO & Partner VOO Flights

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Patricia Kahr

Deputy Head of Sales

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Prakash Rajan

Senior Sales Manager

Vien-Amer GELERA

Vien-Amer Gelera

Sales Manager

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David Martinovic

Sales Manager


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